Module 2 Further Learning

Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

George Torok’s Tips for Public Speaking

George Torok discusses how to overcome the fear of public speaking. He explains that this is completely normal but don’t let your audience know by managing your signals. Remember to breathe deeply; Smile more with confidence and to break, pause for a few seconds before you say something important which exudes confidence.

George Torok’s Presentation Skills

George Torok discusses parts of the presentation. Opening , Body and Close. Opening – purpose and grab attention, indicate direction and build rapport. Body – The meat of the presentation. Close – last thing that people hear. In the close you have a chance to recap and repeat a call to action. When rehearsing develop a strong opening. Get the opening and close right and you’ve got the audience where you want them.


Presentation ‘Top Tips’ from TED Talks

An article collecting some of the lessons learned from some of the best TED Talks.

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