The Hub has been specifically designed to support your programme by containing all the information required to get the most out of it. This may take the form of joining instructions, forms and tasks to complete, videos, articles and podcasts that will encourage you to think back to your time with us.

Because the Hub has been created as a web platform, you may access it from anywhere and on any device. Simply log in using the credentials supplied to you and enjoy it.

In a bid to reduce the amount of printed paper used during the programme and to streamline supporting collateral, the Personal Learning Journal (PLJ) is considerably slimmer than in previous iterations. The PLJ is a printed booklet that serves as a companion to the programme. Instead, much of the content has been loaded into the Hub.

We value your feedback and welcome any thoughts you may have on how to improve the Hub. Please click here to email Matthew Moore with your comments. If you are experiencing any technical difficulties please contact Matthew by clicking here. You will receive an answer within 24 hours.