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Stuart Preston

Stuart Preston


Stuart joined IDG in 2015 a Senior Consultant. He is responsible for the identification, design, delivery and evaluation of bespoke leadership development programmes.

Stuart has led teams in front line commercial roles and as a service provider worked with senior managers to develop individual and organisational capabilities. He began his career by passing out of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and spent 5 years as an officer in the British Army. He was a commercial and operational manager for British Airways in the UK and overseas and worked for himself and as a management and leadership consultant for over 10 years. More recently he was an L&D Manager with British Gas and led the design and development of a company-wide leadership development programme. He has also worked for a Talent Management company designing innovative graduate and leadership programmes.

He has a Certificate in Return on Investment (Jack Philips methodology), Certificate in Coaching (Cognitive Behavioural Techniques), Certificate in Sales Management. He is also a Trained Emotional Intelligence user.
Clients appreciate Stuart’s innovative but pragmatic approach to development which focuses on behavioural and organisation change that delivers improved performance.

Jake Meyer

Jake Meyer


Jake is a full-time IDG consultant who specialises in design and delivery of multi-modular business and individual performance improvement programmes, offsite events at Sandhurst and graduate development programmes.

He joined IDG in 2010 and has worked across a broad range of clients and industries, including: International Financial Institutions around the world, The Oil and Gas industry in the Middle East, Engineering and Construction, Fire and Rescue Services, Sports teams, and a range of Professional Services in the UK.

Jake is a serving commissioned Officer in the Army Reserve, and has served in Afghanistan in 2012. Prior to joining IDG, he was a professional mountaineer, adventurer and public speaker, having broken a number of records around the world (including in 2005 becoming the youngest Briton to climb Mt Everest, and the youngest man in the world to complete the 7 Summits). Jake uses his experience of being part of, and leading high performing teams in extreme circumstances to motivate and inspire his clients.

He is a qualified Skills Deployment Inventory practitioner. Clients appreciate Jake’s openness and honesty when it comes to giving individual and team feedback, and his enthusiasm and passion for bringing development alive and making it relevant.


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